Olive Bay Hotel

With only 32 guest rooms, the Olive Bay Hotel personifies hospitality and tranquility. The interior was designed by G|A|Design International of the U.K., and each room is spacious, luxurious and classy. Here, you can enjoy your own special time, away from the hustle and bustle.




The restaurant offers views of a lush forest and shining sea. The cuisine represents the best of Oshima’s own culinary artistry, delicious and visually appealing—a variety of fresh seafood from the sea nearby, local ingredients, and tomatoes, herbs and more from independent farmers. The bar has walls decorated with flowing lines on Japanese paper, a mood where twilight illumination takes on a special meaning, and an atmosphere that encourages conversation in the still of the evening.



The Olive Bay, ideally located by a beautiful, rich blue bay on the island of Oshima in Nagasaki Prefecture. When the shining orb of the sun is about to set, the many olive trees shimmer and the sea breezes have a fragrance all their own. Come and feel at home in our graceful natural surroundings.

Olive Bay Hotel